Icon Las Olas Rental Building

The final decision has been made and Icon Las Olas will be a rental buildings. It was made know on May 20th,2017 that Icon Las Olas will open its doors sometime around September of 2017 for Luxury renters interested in Downtown. Pre-leasing for Icon Las Olas will begin on June 1st. From $2500 - $7000. This will be the second addition to an "Ultra-Luxury" rental building in downtown Fort Lauderdale in the past 2 years, along-side Amaray Las Olas. Amaray Las Olas is a 254 Unit, 30-story building located at 215 SE 8th Avenue. Icon will add another 272 Luxury apartments for a total of 540 Ultra Luxury apartment units. 

There hasn't been a new condominium built in downtown Fort Lauderdale in over a decade. The 1st will be 100 Las Olas, currently under construction and will be completed by 2020. This will be a warm welcome to the vast amount of rental buildings that have been built in downtown Fort Lauderdale in the past 5 years or so.


Reservations are underway. Contact Realtor Gavin McNeal @954.465.1078 to learn more.

W Residences Fort Lauderdale

The Related Group has many projects going on simultaneously around Fort Lauderdale that include Icon Las Olas, Auberge Beach Residences and the “currently available” W Residences on the Beach. Currently available means you can close and use right now! The W Residences & Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach is getting an entire face-lift and remodel. Now is the opportunity to get in, “pre-remodel” pricing at an average of just $850 per sq.ft. The best deal you can find on Fort Laudedale beach, for sure. It get’s even better! With the purchase of a Pre-remodeled Residences, you’ll get 18 months of Maintenance fees paid!

w residences fort lauderdale i0

W Residences Features & Amenities

If you know the W, you know what to expect! The best! This spcetacular property is on the sandy beach of Fort Lauderdale, offers spectacular views and a Luxury Lifestyle. The Residences are re-imagined with the highest standards of comfort and refinement. Oversized terraces, walls of windows and panoramic views are just a few things to get excited about. At the W Residences, you will enjoy the ultimate benefits of Luxury Living with the soothing up-scale spa, spectacular Steak 954 restaurant and full service concierge. Each Residence features magnificent 9-foot floor-to-ceiling windows with Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway views. Sliding glass doors lead to spacious balconies. The fully finished residences offer fully-integrated kitchens, Italian designed cabinetry, polished designer stone counter tops and so much more to list! The W Residences are going to be unbelievable! World renowned designers, New York based Willeam Meyer and Gray Davis (AKA – MeyerDavis) are behind the sleek new look! The W Residences start from $650,000 for a 1/1 and $950,000 for a 2/2. Where else can you live in this kind of luxury, for this price, on Fort Lauderdale Beach? Learn more about the W Residences. Interested in living the W lifestyle? Contact us and claim one of the 147 W Residences!

W Residences Re-model

Actual photographs of the 1st Residence that has been remodeled. The unit became available for viewing on February 11th, 2016. This is a 2 bedroom residence. The photos show the living room with the master in the background and close up of the second bedroom with views towards the Intracoastal waterway.

w residences fort lauderdale i1

w residences fort lauderdale i2


Construction Update Icon Las Olas Oct 2015

construction update icon las olas 00

It’s been about 8 months since I viewed the construction site of Icon Las Olas so I thought it was time for a construction update. Photos are taken from several different angles along with some video. It looks like progress is being made and the Icon Las Olas is rising up from the ground. Noticeable progress should increase when the lower floors are complete. The area of Las Olas will certainly look a lot better once construction is complete. October seams to be cloudy and rainy this year as June and July were Sunny? The photos around Icon Las Olas aren’t the greatest, buy we will check back in a few months. By then, Fort Lauderdale should have mostly sunny days and cooler temperatures.

Construction Update Icon Las Olas Oct 2015 Video

Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins

Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins 00

If you’ve driven down Las Olas Blvd. lately you may have noticed the Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins! It looks like the housing crisis is just about over. At least in the east Fort Lauderdale area. Construction has started to come back and that is noticeable! Prices have been steadily increasing as well as rental prices. It seems for now, demand for paradise known as Fort Lauderdale is in full force. Construction of large buildings is underway including the 8th Avenue Residences, Paramount Beach Residences, Gale Boutique Hotel & Residences and Auberge Beach to name a few. None as anticipated as Icon Las Olas!

Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins

Icon Las Olas, after 15 long years has finally started construction. Since 1999, when the original documents were submitted to Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Icon has had many obstacles to overcome. The wait is over, construction has begun and in 2017 Icon Las Olas will be realized. Currently the building is under the premise of becoming a luxury rental building in downtown Fort Lauderdale but the building design and construction hasn’t changed. The Fort Lauderdale real estate market will decide if the building ends up as condominiums.

Currently, Icon Las Olas is labeled: High-Rise Residential Condominium.

A quick video of the Las Olas Icon Construction site taken the same day as the photo.

As Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins and an early photo was taken of the site in February of 2015. Not much looks to be done but in any construction job it all starts with the foundation. A building like Icon Las Olas, towering 455 ft in there air certainly needs a good one. 2 Cranes have now been erected and construction seams to be progressing nicely.

Icon Las Olas Contruction Begins 01